How Do You File Your Weekly Report for Unemployment Benefits?


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Although unemployment reporting varies by state, as of September 2015, most weekly reports for unemployment can be filed online or by telephone. In some instances, such as the first weekly or bi-weekly report, weekly reports can be filed in person at the local unemployment office and by mail or fax.

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Unemployment claimants are required to file a weekly report detailing if they worked, received pay or searched for jobs during the period. Though weekly reports are required, claimants in some states, such as California, may file bi-weekly. Claimants are required to provide information including name, social security number, birth date and contact information during the weekly filing process. It's required that the claimant swear the information contained in the weekly report is correct.

Once a claim is filed, it may take several days to receive payment. Payments on new claims take longer than those on existing claims due to a waiting period. Initial payments can be delayed up to a month to verify the claim and due to processing times.

Claimants also are required to keep a job search log detailing where they looked for work, when an application was submitted and if a response or interview was received. It may be necessary to turn in the log to the local unemployment office periodically to receive continued benefits.

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