How Do You File for Unemployment in Connecticut?


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File unemployment claims with the Connecticut Department of Labor over the phone or online. CTDOL.state.ct.us provides phone numbers for local calling areas and a link to the online claim filing system. The website provides information about eligibility, how to file the first claim and reporting requirements for weekly claims.

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Begin filing for unemployment as soon as you are unemployed. Call the local TeleBenefits line, and follow the instructions, or create an account for the online claim filing system. Provide all the necessary personal and employment history information to avoid any delays in receiving unemployment benefits. Provide honest and accurate information. Every week you must actively look for work and report what you did to find work or improve your employment prospects when filing the weekly unemployment claim. The Department of Labor spot checks your claims, so do not lie. Not filing a weekly unemployment claim on time might result in delayed benefits or termination from the unemployment benefits program. CTDOL.state.ct.us outlines the weekly claim questions and what job seeking activities you must do weekly to remain eligible for unemployment benefits. The Department of Labor calculates unemployment benefits based on how much income a claimant earned in the past year. Claimants can receive unemployment benefits for up to 26 months.

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