How Do You File for Unemployment Benefits With the Louisiana Department of Labor?

How Do You File for Unemployment Benefits With the Louisiana Department of Labor?

File for unemployment benefits in Louisiana by meeting the basic criteria, gathering necessary information and starting a claim either by phone or online. Continue receiving benefits while unemployed by requesting payments weekly either by phone or online.

  1. Assess your eligibility for benefits

    Qualify for benefits by losing work through no fault of your own, being capable and able to work, and actively seeking work. Register for work at a Louisiana Workforce Commission Job Center. Be sure that you earned enough wages to qualify during the first four of the last five calendar quarters before filing your claim.

  2. Gather information

    Compile information you need to file your claim, including your Social Security number, details of employers you worked for over the last 18 months, details on union membership, and other relevant documents if you are a registered alien but are living in the country illegally, served in the military in the last 18 months or worked as a federal employee.

  3. Begin a new claim

    Start a new claim by calling the Unemployment Insurance Call Center or applying online at the Louisiana Workforce Commission Hire website as soon as possible after you lose your job.

  4. Request weekly payments

    Request your first weekly payment by phone or online on the Sunday after you file your claim and on every Sunday or Monday afterward. There is a one-week waiting period, and your payments begin on the second week of eligibility. Contact at least three employers about job opportunities each week, and accept any job you are offered for which you qualify.