How Do I File a Small Claims Case in Fulton County?

To file a small claims case in Fulton County, download the magistrate court statement of claim form from the Fulton County magistrate court website. Include the name and contact details for each individual or business being sued, the damages sought and why, according to Avvo. As of 2015, the fees are $76.50 for one defendant and $25.00 for each additional defendant.

Although magistrate court is accessible to average citizens, litigation lawyer Michael Hosmer advises those proceeding with a small claim to consult with an attorney experienced in such matters. For additional help, download the magistrate civil handbook from the Fulton County magistrate website. It provides everything needed to know how to file a small claims case in magistrate court.

After a statement of claim is filed, the defendant may present counterclaims to a suit. Seeing as there is no discovery phase in magistrate court cases, the case may go to trial quickly, so don't hesitate to gather evidence and prepare a statement.

On the day of trial, Hosmer encourages those seeking damages to be punctual, presentable and organized. This includes being respectful of court decorum, and ensure that any evidence presented, including documents or witnesses, is organized and ready to submit to the court.