How Do You File a Paternity Form?


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All states have different rules and requirements regarding the filing of a paternity form, and generally a citizen can determine the forms that are needed through his state's Department of Health, explains Nolo. Some states may have a time limit for filing these forms.

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In the state of California, forms can be found at a local child support agency, registrar of birth office, welfare offices or a family law facilitator, advises the Judicial Council of California. Once a declaration of paternity form is signed, it must be filed with the California Department of Child Support Services Paternity Opportunity Program. This document, when properly signed, eliminates the need to go to court.

Once paternity is established, it can be very difficult to reverse that establishment, even if DNA testing done in the future proves the father on the paternity form is not the biological parent of the child, explains the Judicial Council of California.

In the State of New York, a person who wants to file a paternity petition in court can utilize the online system provided by the New York Court System, notes the organization. Users of the system must be the mother of a child not married to the other parent, or a male who believes he is the father of a child and is not married to the other parent.

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