How Do You File a Lien in Colorado?

File a lien in Colorado by gathering documents, consulting with an attorney and then filing a judgement. Once the judgement is granted, collection may be possible.

  1. Gather supporting documents

    Put together a folder filled with invoices, receipts, contracts and communications with the person that the lien is being filed against.

  2. Consult with an attorney

    Schedule an appointment to speak with an attorney to determine whether or not filing a lien is worth it. The attorney will review the defendant's financial situation. Once they have an idea of whether or not the defendant will be able to pay, they will make their recommendation as to whether or not a lien will help.

  3. File for a judgment

    Visit the courthouse to fill out the paperwork for a judgment. Once the court date has been set, make your case to the judge. If you win the judgment, you will then have a lien against the person's property for six years.

  4. Apply again if necessary

    Apply for the judgment again after the six years is up, if the debt has not been paid. Keep in mind that they are only responsible for the portion of their property that equals the amount of money owed.