How Do You File a Lawsuit for Mesh Hernia?


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Individuals who suffer from the adverse side effects of a mesh hernia patch may file a lawsuit through any legal firm in the United States that is currently engaged in lawsuits about defective surgical hernia repair patches, according to several law firms including Heygood, Orr & Pearson. Patient information is reviewed by a legal team to determine eligibility in a lawsuit.

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Lawsuits regarding defective Composix Kugel mesh or any other type of defective surgical mesh involve the submission of a complete medical report of symptoms as well as an examination by nursing or medical professionals authorized by the law firm, according to Wexler Wallace, LLP. These independent medical examinations are conducted to determine a claimant's eligibility to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the mesh. Information about defective surgical hernia meshes have been recorded with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, according to an agency communication.

Several law firms are currently accepting fresh cases from those who have suffered injury and harm as a result of these defective patches. Medical technology company C. R. Bard and its manufacturing arm Davol are expected to pay a settlement of about $185 million to 2,600 claimants, reports the law firm Schmidt & Clark, LLP. Despite the recall of several batches of defective meshes, the FDA advises patients to seek urgent medical attention.

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