How Do You File a Labor Claim in New York?

As of May 2015, you can file a labor claim on the New York State's Department of Labor website ( or over the phone at (888) 209-8124, according to the New York State Department of Labor. Before filing a claim, gather the necessary documentation to complete the claim in full to avoid delays.

For online and phone claims, you must create a personal identification number if you have never filed an unemployment insurance claim before. This can be done during the claims process. Once you have a personal identification number, you can file for unemployment benefits.

You must provide your Social Security number, driver's license, complete mailing address, daytime phone number and your alien registration number if you are not a U.S. citizen. The names and addresses of all employers over the last 18 months, including out-of-state employers, must be made available to the New York State Department of Labor to process the claim. Accurate records of current and former employer registration numbers, and if applicable, copies of forms SF8 and SF50 and form DD 214 are recommended. A claim can be filed without these documents, but it may delay the first unemployment insurance payment.

Once you have filed a claim over the phone or on the website, you can choose to receive payments by check or through direct deposit.