How Do You File for an Extension for Unemployment Insurance in New Jersey?

The application for extension of unemployment benefits is available on the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development website at The site also provides instructions for applying via telephone.

The applicant must provide a Social Security or alien registration number as well basic information about prior employment. Applicants who were active military in the prior 18 months must provide a DD-214, and former federal employees must present an SF-8 or SF-50 form. Both military and federal employees may only apply by telephone. The same applies to applicants who reside outside the United States or who have had employment outside of New Jersey in the prior 18 months.

As with the initial benefits period, the recipient must actively seek employment to continue to be eligible. During the extension period, the state monitors the recipient?s job search more closely, and the recipient must provide weekly updates while the state payments are active.

The current employment rate determines the number of weeks that benefits are available to a recipient. At 6.5 percent unemployment or higher, benefits are available for 13 weeks, and at 8 percent or higher, benefits are available for 20 weeks. At times of unusually high unemployment, Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits can extend payments up to an additional 47 weeks at a percentage of the maximum weekly benefit. This percentage decreases over the course of the 47 weeks.