How Do You File for Divorce in Harris County, Texas?

You need to prepare and file a petition and pay court fees in order to file for a divorce in Harris County, Texas according to lawyer Erick Dick and divorce attorneys at Busby & Associates. If you have children and property, you need an experienced lawyer to file for divorce.

There are three main steps for filing an uncontested divorce in which spouses agree on the terms of divorce, in Harris County, Texas. First you have to prepare a petition, then file a petition, and lastly, pay court fees, states Dick. In the petition, you need to include information on the plaintiff, other parties involved, dates of marriage and separation, and if appropriate, a list of court orders. After printing and signing the petition, you need to find the nearest family court to send the petition and pay the filing fee.

A contested divorce is more complicated when spouses disagree on issues such as child custody, child support and property division states Busby & Associates. You need an experienced lawyer familiar with the local rules and judges of the Harris County District Courts to represent you during mediation and hearings. Your lawyer should know the relevant documents to show the court without the need for a request from the judge or opposing party. For example, during a child support hearing, your lawyer needs to have your financial information including income tax returns and recent payroll stubs.