How Do You File Complaints Against Attorneys?


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Each state has a different organization that reviews complaints made against attorneys, so you first check with your state court system's website, explains FindLaw. In many states, a division of the courts or the state bar association handles the discipline of attorneys.

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Every state has its own process when it comes to complaints against attorneys, but the general procedure is usually similar, says FindLaw. The first part of the process includes an attorney or panel of attorneys who review complaints against the lawyers and determine if the complaint is worth investigating.

If the complaint is sustained, the board begins its investigation. Typically, the attorney is required to appear at the hearing and answer questions regarding the incident, and if the complaint is found to be true, the disciplinary board then takes the appropriate action. Sometimes the attorney may be required to take classes or perform some type of community service, or the attorney may need to pay a fine. The disciplinary board does not usually award any money to the party making the complaint, as it is only there to suspend, admonish or disbar attorneys who break the rules regarding the specific state when it comes to governing the practice of law, says FindLaw.

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