How Do You File a Complaint Against Your Lawyer?


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To file a complaint against a lawyer, individuals should check with their state's disciplinary committee, says FindLaw. All states have a disciplinary committee, which investigate complaints made against a lawyer to determine whether or not the lawyer has violated ethical rules.

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If a client files a complaint against a lawyer with the state's disciplinary committee, the committee reviews the claim. If they determine there's been a violation of ethical rules actions are taken, says FindLaw.

Lawyers can be disciplined for a number of reasons. Lawyers may fail to pay their bar association dues or they may have mishandled client funds. Some lawyers who are found to have committed serious infractions may become ineligible to practice law. Other disciplinary actions include fines or requiring the lawyer to attend classes or do community services, advises FindLaw. For lawyers, having a disciplinary action taken against them is quite serious, as it can directly affect their ability to make a living, so it may be best to try and work out any agreements with lawyers before filing a complaint.

Individuals who are looking to retain should research the lawyer's history, as well as take into account any circumstances surrounding any past discipline, says FindLaw.

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