How Do You File a Class Action Lawsuit?


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An individual can file a class action lawsuit by contacting and organizing other parties or consumers who have the same complaints, financial loss or damages, and then hiring a lawyer to represent the entire class. Alternatively, an individual can hire his own lawyer and join an existing class action lawsuit.

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A lawyer files a class action lawsuit on behalf of all parties that fall under the specific class and notifies other class members of the legal action. After the lawyer files the complaint and notifies the other party, who is being sued, the lawyer follows the case through the court system, according to LawGuru Articles. Lawyers typically notify class members about critical developments in the case, such as hearing and trial dates. Class members are often asked to provide evidence and give testimony under oath. The lawyers advise class members on required documents, court filings and appearances. Open communication and honesty is critical between the class members and class-action lawyers.

Many types of class action lawsuits deal with fraud, including insurance fraud and credit card fraud, notes Jacoby and Meyers Law Offices. In any case, attorneys verify that all potential class members are eligible to join a class action lawsuit.

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