How Do You File a Claim for Unemployment Insurance?

file-claim-unemployment-insurance Credit: glegorly/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The unemployment insurance claim process may involve either filling out a form online or at the state department of labor, according to the New York, California and New Jersey Department of Labor websites. Necessary documents and information include a social security card, a state-issued ID and an employer registration number.

Specific instructions for filing an unemployment insurance claim may vary from state to state, but many of the rules for filing a claim are similar across states. For example, the New York, New Jersey and California Department of Labor websites all indicate that claims must be filed within 18 months of becoming unemployed in the state where a person is filing. Other information necessary to fully complete a claim may include an address and contact phone number plus alien registration documentation for non-U.S. citizens.

The New York State Department of Labor recommends filing a claim during the first week of unemployment. Its website notes that there is a waiting period for payments to begin, so any delay in filing may cause a delay in receiving benefits. The California Department of Labor explains that filling out an online form is the fastest way to file an unemployment claim. However, claims can also be made by phone, and forms can be printed out and faxed or emailed directly to the labor department.