How Do You File a Claim for Non-Occupational Weekly Indemnity Benefits?


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To file a claim for non-occupational weekly indemnity benefits, an employee must obtain an E.I. Claims Kit from the employment office or post office and submit the form and physician's report to the administration office, states Ironworkers Local 97. Claims should be submitted within 30 days after becoming disabled.

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The administration office provides the claimant with disability credits. A claimant not eligible for E.I. sick benefits must obtain a claim form from the administration office to submit a claim to the Ironworkers weekly indemnity plan. A claimant is entitled to receive benefits under the weekly indemnity plan, provided a copy of the E.I. rejection letter accompanies the claim, according to Ironworkers Local 97.

A claimant must be under the care of a doctor and be treated in person during the period claimed. The claimant must complete the front of the claim form, and the treating physician must complete the physician's statement on the back of the form. Claimants are responsible for any charge to complete the form, states Ironworkers Local 97.

As of 2015, the weekly indemnity benefit is $524.00 per week, based on $74.86 per day including weekends, provided the claimant is not eligible for E.I. sick benefits. Benefit payments are made by check, mailed to the claimant's home address every seven days, according to Ironworkers Local 97.

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