How Do I File for Child Abandonment in Georgia?

In Georgia individuals who wish to file for child abandonment need to visit the Magistrate Court’s Criminal Division in the country in which the minor child resides. Applicants have to fill out a criminal arrest warrant application, pay a fee and take an oath.

To file for child abandonment in Georgia, the accusers have to go to the Criminal Division of the county’s Magistrate Court. When they apply they have to provide the case number that matches an open child-support case. They have to complete a form and pay an application fee. They need to supply the first name, last name, date of birth and current address of the individual they claim has abandoned the child. The court might be unable to proceed with the application if the applicants cannot provide all of this information.

After they have completed the criminal arrest warrant application form, they must swear that the information they have provided is true. If the judges determine that the sworn testimony and application serve as sufficient evidence to support a probable cause that the child has been abandoned, they hold a formal hearing.

Next, the court clerk prepares a court notice document stating the crime alleged as well as the location and time of hearing. If the court discovers that the address provided is insufficient, or the mail notice returns as undelivered, it cancels the hearing. Therefore, it is critical for applicants to supply the court with the accused person’s correct address information.