Where Do You File a Bi-Weekly Claim?

Unemployed individuals file a bi-weekly claim with their state employment agency, such as the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry or the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training. Both of these agencies provide online bi-weekly claim forms, and Pennsylvania also offers phone numbers and other contact information for bi-weekly filers.

To file a bi-weekly claim in Pennsylvania, state residents need to be unemployed without personal fault, and those who are partially unemployed can also file. The Department of Labor and Industry's website provides a timeline of benefit payments and qualifying cards in addition to online filing instructions. The filing portal gives users the choice of receiving instructions in English or Spanish. The portal only operates during certain hours and days of the week, and claimants can also call the department's automated PA Teleclaims to file bi-weekly claims.

The portal of the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training also operates only during certain times and days, and both those who are unemployed and partially employed can file. The portal includes a Call Center and Voice Response Unit phone number for filing if the Internet portal is not operating. Users need a PIN to file, and completing the online form requires entering a social security number and other personal information.