How Do You Figure Out Your Possible Payout Based on Your Impairment Rating?


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Residents of Florida can estimate payouts for specific impairment ratings using the impairment income benefit calculator at Myfloridacfo.com, notes the Florida Department of Financial Services. Residents of Missouri can conduct similar computations using the Web-based calculator at roskinhoffman.com, explains Roskin & Hoffman. In general, payouts for similar impairment ratings can differ from one jurisdiction to another because their computation varies by the nature of workers' compensation laws in a particular locale, states The Law Dictionary.

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The impairment ratings that physicians assign to injuries partly determine the level of compensation that affected workers receive, according to The Law Dictionary. Impairment ratings range from 100 percent, which indicates total impairment, to 0 percent, which indicates complete healing. Physicians typically compute the final ratings after injured workers attain maximum medical improvement. State regulations establish the correlation between these ratings and workman's compensation wages; the wages are multiplied by the time that injuries take to heal, and the results form one part of the compensation payout.

The costs of treatment also determine the size of the payout, says The Law Dictionary. These include estimates of the costs and expenses that the affected party is likely to incur in the future as a result of the impairment. The payout may also include legal costs and fees. Depending on the nature of the disability, state laws may also require employers to pay disability payments permanently or semi-permanently.

However, the size of a payout also depends on what legal practitioners term "perceived risk," which is the risk of an employer denying liability by claiming that employee misconduct or substance abuse played a role in precipitating the injuries in question, warns The Law Dictionary. For these and other reasons, affected parties should always consult legal professionals before seeking compensation.

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