How Do You Fight Traffic Tickets?


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Strategies for fighting traffic tickets include disputing the officer's conclusion or opinions, disputing the evidence he presents, or arguing that any illegal driving was justified or necessary to avoid causing harm to others. These arguments can be used for speeding tickets and other traffic infractions, according to FindLaw.

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When possible, challenge the policeman's opinion that the action taken was illegal. For instance, a ticket for making an unsafe left turn involves the officer coming to the opinion that the turn was unsafe. Argue that the officer wasn't in a position to see whether the turn was safe or not to fight this kind of ticket, advises Nolo.

Even if no personal opinion was involved in the decision to write a ticket, there's a possibility that the officer may not have been able to see the alleged infraction clearly. To fight a ticket on these grounds, amass other eyewitness accounts and provide photographs of the location involved to prove your point, as recommended by FindLaw.

If you broke traffic laws to avoid an accident, you should argue that your traffic infraction was necessary to avoid harming others or yourself. This "legal necessity" argument is recognized throughout the United States, according to Nolo. To fight this ticket, explain about the dire situation that would have occurred if you had not committed the traffic infraction for which you were ticketed.

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