How Do You Fight a Speeding Ticket in Court?


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The first step in fighting a speeding ticket is to find the court date listed on the ticket and show up in court on that date, reports Lawyers.com. The court then gives you an actual trial date, and you can present your case to a judge at that point.

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How Do You Fight a Speeding Ticket in Court?
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The process may vary slightly depending on the state and the specific traffic violation. Look up your state's laws and regulations before going to your arraignment, suggests Hannah Elliott for Forbes. Some states allow people to submit a written defense for minor violations, which can save you time and hassle. Others may allow you to take a short traffic course instead of paying the ticket and getting points on your license, which may be a safer option than fighting the ticket in court.

If you decide to fight the ticket in court, prepare a defense, recommends Nolo. This may require you to file for discovery to get information such as calibration records for a radar gun. The defense you prepare should be honest and relevant to your circumstances.

Another common tactic is to ask the court to postpone your trial date, reports Elliott. This can sometimes cause the ticketing officer to miss the court date or cause the court to lose the ticket. However, this may have varying levels of effectiveness and some jurisdictions may not allow multiple postponements.

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