How Do You Find Female Inmate Pen-Pals?


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Websites that list female inmates looking for pen-pals include Meet-An-Inmate.com, FemalePrisonPals.com, LoveAPrisoner.com, and WriteAPrisoner.com. Some sites only provide listings of inmates, whereas others, such as LoveAPrisoner.com, are designed to find romantic partners for inmates.

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How Do You Find Female Inmate Pen-Pals?
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Meet-An-Inmate.com lists female inmate profiles by age on its main page. Each profile contains a picture, a brief profile written by the inmate and other information, including the inmate's religion, education and projected release date.

WriteAPrisoner.com lists inmate profiles under the Inmate Profile tab at the top of the page. Use the search options to narrow results to female inmates. Unlike Meet-An-Inmate.com, WriteAPrisoner.com also lists the crime for which the inmate was incarcerated, as verified through government records. WriteAPrisoner.com acts as a general advocacy group for incarcerated Americans and challenges laws that prevent inmates in some states from using pen-pal services.

Female Prison Pals offers only female pen pals and advises users that although many of the women that are locked up seek some level of romantic conversation, most are satisfied with platonic interaction as well.

LoveAPrisoner.com states that its goal is to give prisoners a sense of hopefulness by connecting to people from the outside world. The company believes that pen pals can produce feelings of affection and belonging to the community that can help the inmate avoid recidivism after release.

There have been reports of inmates using pen-pal services to commit fraud. According to The Spokesman-Review, a female inmate in Washington collected personal information from pen-pals to file fraudulent tax returns. It is not advisable to reveal personal information to inmates that could be used in such a fashion. According to The Marshall Project, however, instances of fraud are rare, and most inmates simply want to engage in communication.

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