What Is the FEMA NIMS ICS 200?


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Under the National Incident Management System, the Federal Emergency Management Agency trains emergency responders to handle threats and hazards in a way that minimizes loss of life, damage to property and environmental harm, notes the agency. Incident Command System refers to the chain of command involved in managing an emergency. ICS 200 is a training course for people involved in designing emergency response plans and for people with a supervisory role in carrying them out, as Texas A&M describes.

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Topics covered in the ISC 200 course include leadership and management, delegating authority, management by objective, organizational flexibility, briefing one's team members and the public, and transferring command, explains New York State Emergency Management. Successful participants in the course learn to operate efficiently within the ICS chain-of-command during emergencies. Basic concepts and the resources necessary for managing emergencies are also covered.

FEMA provides an interactive web-based version of the ISC 200 course. To access the online course, students must first register for a FEMA student ID; however, registration is free. They may also take the ISC 200 final exam online through the FEMA website.

FEMA also allows and encourages the ICS 200 course materials to be presented at by state and local agencies involved in responding to emergencies, as the agency explains. State and local agencies sometimes assign alternative course numbers; however, as long as the same course materials are presented, and participants pass the FEMA ISC 200 post-course exam, FEMA grants ISC 200 credit.

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