How Do You Get a Felony Conviction Pardon?


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You may obtain a felony pardon by requesting one from the president of the United States for a federal conviction or from the governor for a state conviction, according to Clear Up My Record. Hire an attorney experienced in obtaining felony pardons to increase your chance of success, advises FelonyGuide.

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In order to apply for a presidential pardon, you must wait five years after you have finished serving your sentence to apply, according to the Office of the Pardon Attorney of the United States Department of Justice. You may obtain the application form online at the website for the Office of the Pardon Attorney. The application should include an explanation of the reasons why you believe you deserve legal pardon and how the pardon would benefit you. Be sure to take responsibility for your crime and demonstrate remorse. You also need to include three character references not related to you and a copies of your arrest record and credit report with the application. Submit the application to the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Those with applications involving military offenses must submit them to the secretary for the applicable military branch.

The process for applying for a pardon from a governor varies by state, but is substantially similar to applying for a presidential pardon, according to Clear Up My Record.

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