What Are the Fees Involved With Illinois Traffic Tickets?


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The fees involved with Illinois traffic tickets include traffic ticket fines, surcharges and court costs, as DMV.org explains. These fines, surcharges and court costs vary among county courts and violations.

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The Illinois Secretary of State may sometimes add points to a driver’s Illinois driving record in addition to the court charges, surcharges and fines. In serious cases, drivers may have their driving licenses suspended or cancelled, according to DMV.org.

The Illinois Supreme Court divides all traffic violations into two categories depending on the violations. In the first category of fees involved with traffic tickets, violators can settle the matter without a court appearance. In the second category, the driver is required to make a court appearance, as described by DMV.org.

The police officer who issues the traffic ticket indicates to the driver whether a court appearance is necessary. If a court appearance is not necessary for a specific violation, which is the case only for minor traffic violations, the driver may need to go online to settle the fees, as the Circuit Court of Cook County explains. Those charged with Class A or Class B misdemeanor violations as well as those charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol must appear in court.

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