What Are the Fees for Common California Speeding Tickets?

Fees for common California speeding tickets include $480 to $550 for unsafe speed 26 miles per hour or more over the speed limit and $360 to $400 for unsafe speed 15 to 25 miles per hour over the limit, California Traffic Tickets says. California fines for speeding infractions can also have a significant impact on insurance premiums, Nolo says.

The number one type of ticket issued in California is a speeding ticket, and these tickets carry high fines and DMV points, California Traffic Tickets notes. There are two types of speed limit violations: prima facie and fixed maximum. A prima facie tickets allows the drivers to justify his driving as lawful and safe, while the fixed maximum ticket indicates there is no time or place anyone is allowed to go over the posted speed limit.

In addition to speeding fines, drivers can face additional fees, including a state penalty assessment, county penalty assessment, DNA assessment, court facility construction penalty, a surcharge allowed on all tickets and an EMS charges. Additionally, the court may add fees, and other speeding violations may add on additional fines and penalties, Nolo explains. The driver also faces points on his driver's license, which generally results in higher insurance premiums.