What Does a Fee Earner Do?

Simply Law Jobs states that a fee earner carries out legal work that delivers a fee to a law firm. A fee earner refers to a lawyer who takes on cases and charges a fee to the client for such work.

The Simply Law Jobs explains that there are two types of staff in many law firms: fee earners and non-fee earners. While the term "fee earners" refers to lawyers who get paid for handling cases, "non-fee earners"r efers to support staff who help run the firm but do not charge a case fee and solicitors who provide professional support for other lawyers in the firm.

According to National Paralegals, the term "paralegal" describes fee earners and part fee earners among unadmitted staff who are not legal executives. A paralegal is a qualified professional that performs substantial legal work and has adequate knowledge of the law and procedures. He is not a barrister or a qualified solicitor. Paralegals often work for solicitors or within a legal environment in the public, commerce or industry sector.

National Paralegals explains that paralegals are important members in the legal profession. Solicitors rely on them, as they play key roles in the legal process. Their responsibilities include working closely with solicitors and barristers who sometimes take them to courtroom and conferences.