What Does the US Federal Grant Department Do?


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The United States Federal Grant Department coordinates actions between grant-administering federal agencies and grant applicants to give grant seekers a centralized, easily accessible location to locate and apply for federal grants. The U.S. Federal Grant Department functions as a unit under the leadership of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, or HSS, say authorities at grants.gov, the Grant Department's website. The Grant Department contains resources for applicants and contains a large database of federally available grants.

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At any time, the Grant Department maintains an inventory of more than 1,000 grant programs, and accepts grant listings from 26 federal agencies, say authorities at grants.gov. The Grant Department serves as a central listing area where grant seekers can search for and apply for federal grants. The website also acts as a two-way communication tool by allowing agencies with grants to advertise their programs.

In addition to serving as a grant posting board, the Grant Department works to facilitate and expedite the grant application process. The site also contains a high level of security, which lets grant applicants submit applications without worrying. The website helps applicants and Department employees move as quickly through the application review process as possible by reducing large amounts of paperwork. The Grant Department also seeks to reduce application fees and provides transparency by letting applicants communicate with grant-administering agencies.

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