What Are Some Federal Benefits Available for Native Americans?


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While there are a variety of programs and grants available to American Indians and Alaska Natives, Indians do not receive payments or other benefits solely on the basis of having Indian blood as of 2015, explains the Native Americans Rights Fund. Most federal funds given to people of Indian heritage represent compensation for tribal resources and land, are in fulfillment of treaty obligations are also available to non-Indian citizens.

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The government provides financial compensation to tribes when taking land for governmental activities or when removing the tribe's natural resources. The government also provides funds when adhering to agreements made out of a moral obligation from previous actions, as stated by the Native Americans Rights Fund.

Indian Affairs, a program established by the federal government, supports and helps federally recognized tribes develop thriving economies, strong governments and robust programs, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior. Other agencies designed to support Native Americans include the Indian Health Service and The Administration for Native Americans.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs provides cash assistance to federally recognized Alaska Native tribe members and American Indians for the purpose of clothing, food, utilities and shelter, as Benefits.gov explains. Programs intended to improve technical and vocational education for Native Americans can apply for financial benefits from The Native American Vocational and Technical Education Program. Veteran tribal members can receive home loans for purchasing, building or improving a home through the Native American Direct Loan program.

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