What Does the Federal Aviation Administration Oversee?


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The Federal Aviation Administration oversees the safety and security of American civil aviation. The administration ensures the safety of American passengers who travel by air and regulates the airline industry. It achieves this by issuing and enforcing standards for manufacture, maintenance, operation and certification of aircraft. It rates and certifies airmen and air carriers, and regulates programs to protect the security of civil aviation.

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Activities of the Federal Aviation Administration include safety regulation, commercial space transport regulation, building and installing air navigation facilities, and managing air space and air traffic. It also encourages aviation safety abroad and deals with research, engineering and development of safe and efficient air navigation systems.

One of the primary objectives of the FAA is to promote safety and efficiency in the aviation industry. To achieve this, it operates a network of air route traffic control centers, flight service stations and airport towers. The administration controls air traffic and develops air traffic rules.

The FAA also oversees commercial space transportation. It oversees the research, engineering and development of better engines, equipment and aircraft to promote safety and efficiency. Other programs include administering an aviation insurance program, publishing information on airways and developing specifications for aeronautical charts.

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