What Are Some Features of the TWMS Self-Service System?


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The TWMS self-service system features employee access to personal records, mandatory orientation and educational programs and career advancement opportunities. Other features include automatic updating of personnel files and notification to supervisors when employees complete educational requirements.

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The Total Workforce Management System is a Web-based human resource support tool operated by the Department of the Navy for use by civilian employees of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Some of its features include the ability of employees to view, print and edit data relating to their personal and work records, training and education programs, personnel actions and other employment-related information. Employees can update their files and correct errors to ensure that their records are always accurate. Other features of the system include the capability of displaying security clearance information, work histories and qualifications, certifications and bonus pay and time off awards.

The TWMS self-service system also features learning modules, training programs and other educational tools that enable employees to fulfill mandatory education and orientation requirements. The system allows employees to browse programs, select courses and save their progress to complete modules at their own pace. When an employee completes a mandatory program, the TWMS self-service system automatically records this information in his official personnel file and notifies supervisors that he has fulfilled this requirement. The system also features optional educational certificate and training programs that employees can complete to improve their skills and advance their careers.

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