How Do You Find FBI Statistics on Juvenile Crime Rates?


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Find FBI crime statistics at the Department of Justice website OJJDP.gov. Click Statistics on the left-hand navigation bar. From the subsequent page, mouse over Data Analysis Tools in the menu bar and select the Law Enforcement Data/Arrest Statistics submenus. Then click the Arrest Statistics tab to view the crime statistics table.

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Select the Juvenile radio button in one of the three display options, and click Submit. The statistics include data for 29 different arrest classifications from violent crimes such as murder, assault and rape, to property crimes and other offenses.

Choose the Counts option to display the total number of arrests for juveniles under age 18. Select the Rates option to display the crime rate. The DOJ bases the crime rate on population estimates for persons from age 10 to 17. The crime rate is not a percentage, but rather is expressed in terms of incidents per 100,000 person population. Select the Percent of Total display option to see what percentage of arrests for each crime are attributed to juveniles.

The data provided in the table are estimates. The table row labeled Coverage indicates the percentage of the data that comes directly from police records. For example, in 2008, the table lists coverage as 76 percent. The remaining 24 percent is extrapolated. Clicking the Methodology tab provides additional information on how the FBI generates the numbers.

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