What Are Some FBI Fingerprint Locations?

Local law enforcement agencies, approved printing companies and Channelers are FBI fingerprint locations apart from direct offices of the FBI, according to the official Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, website. Preferred live scan locations in each state are configured to transmit fingerprint information securely, explains National Credit Reporting, an authorized Channeler.

To find an FBI fingerprint location, check with state, county or local law enforcement agencies such as the police department or sheriff's office. These centers are authorized by the FBI to collect and transmit fingerprints at a fee. Printing companies authorized by the FBI for this purpose are listed in local yellow pages, and some centers are found online, states the FBI website. The FBI's list of approved Channelers for departmental order submissions also has authorized fingerprint locations in each state.

Find an FBI fingerprinting location by city or ZIP code and schedule an appointment. Fingerprint technicians at the collection location collect prints on FD-258 fingerprint cards, notes the FBI website. Some Channelers such as Fieldprint submit fingerprints to the FBI electronically so results and reports are expedited, according to Fieldprint. Requests for authenticated copies of criminal records or apostilles by anyone other than a lawful permanent resident or a U.S. citizen should be submitted directly to the FBI.