What Are Some Fast and Legal Ways to Make Money?


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Some fast and legal ways to make money are providing services like babysitting, selling items no longer being used and getting cash for gift cards, according to U.S. News & World Report. Babysitting is a good option since the parents typically give cash each night when they return.

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Not only does babysitting mean fast payment, but there are websites to sign up for and announce your availability for babysitting services, notes U.S. News. Someone with a flexible schedule can often stay busy by offering babysitting services. For babysitting work, also let your friends and relatives know you are ready and willing to watch their children.

For people who have extra items around the house, they can sell them either by recycling or by having a garage sale, says U.S. News. First look for items that can be recycled for cash, such as printing cartridges, scrap metal, electronics and old tires. Next, look at merchandise or furniture in the home that isn’t being used. People can also sell items on Craigslist and other item listing websites.

Selling plasma, hair or breast milk might also be possible, according to Daily Finance. Plasma is a type of fluid inside the blood that many clinics are willing to pay for. There is usually a limit of only donating it a certain number of days each week. However, the payment for plasma is often cash on the day the donation is completed, states U.S. News.

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