What Are Some Famous Whistleblower Cases?


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Famous American whistleblower events include the leak of the Pentagon Papers and Deep Throat's exposure of Nixon administration practices, states the Government Accountability Project. Edward Snowden's National Security Administration disclosures are a more recent example.

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Whistleblowers are employees who reveal the illegal or unsafe practices of their employers, explains the Whistleblower Protection Center. Federal law protects some whistleblowers.

In 1971, government contractor Mark Ellsberg disclosed a report known as the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times; the report showed that several administrations lied about American conduct in the Vietnam War, according the Government Accountability Project. In 1972, associate FBI director W. Mark Felt, using the name "Deep Throat," provided information to the Washington Post connecting President Nixon to the Watergate break-in. In 2013, government contractor Edward Snowden exposed the government's use of bulk data collection to conduct surveillance on American citizens.

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