What Are Some Famous Lawsuits Against Companies?

Some of the companies involved in highly publicized lawsuits include McDonald's, Wendy's and AT&T. In the case of McDonald's, the temperature of a cup of coffee was at issue, reports Consumer Attorneys of California.

In 1992, Stella Liebeck suffered severe burns when the coffee she purchased from McDonald's spilled on her lap. She later brought suit against the company and received nearly $3 million, explains Consumer Attorneys of California. Anna Ayala filed a claim against Wendy's fast food restaurant in 2005, notes USA Today. Ayala claimed to have discovered a severed human finger in a cup of chili purchased from the restaurant, but her claim proved to be fraudulent.

In 2014, the Federal Trade Commission sued AT&T for slowing down transmission speeds of its data customers, reports CBS News. The suit alleged that the customers had purchased data plans that AT&T described as "unlimited." However, AT&T worked to limit customer's mobile Internet access by engaging in the practice of "throttling," or slowing down, data transmission speeds.