Who Are Some of the Most Famous Fleet Admirals?


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Some of the most famous fleet admirals are Chester Nimitz, William D. Leahy, Ernest J. King and William F. Hasley Jr. These four individuals are the only four people to hold the position due to a wartime act passed by Congress during World War II. The position of fleet admiral is the highest position in the United States Navy. This position is equivalent to a general of the army or general of the air force.

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Chester Nimitz played a major role in naval warfare in World War II. Nimitz is well-known for halting the Japanese advance in the Battle of Coral Sea. William D. Leahy was the first naval officer to hold the position of Fleet Admiral. Before earning the position of Fleet Admiral, he had served as the Governor of Puerto Rico and also the U.S. Ambassador to France. The warship USS Leahy is named in his honor.

Ernest J. King fought in the Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II. He is considered one of the greatest admirals of the 20th century. William Halsey Jr. is the most recent naval officer awarded the position of Fleet Admiral. He was present at the signing of Japan's official surrender in World War II.

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