What Are FAA Medical Exam Forms?


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The Federal Aviation Administration's medical exam form is officially titled the Application for Airman Medical Certificate or Airman Medical & Student Pilot Certificate. Its form number is Form 8500-8. An FAA medical exam form is required to be submitted to the FCC when a person needs an FAA Medical Clearance, FAA Medical Certificate, or FAA Student Pilot Medical Certificate. Form 8500-8 can be filed electronically from the FAA website using the MEDXPRESS electronic filing system.

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FAA medical certificates are required before flying most vehicles solo. The first step in obtaining a medical certificate is to fill out the medical exam form and submit it to the FAA. After submitting the form, the person seeking the medical certificate schedules an appointment to be examined by a doctor who is certified as an aviation medical examiner by the FAA.

Although the FAA requires airline pilots to be tested every six months or year, depending on their age, some have said that the medical exam process is not detailed enough to identify pilots with mental or emotional problems. The FAA medical exam form does require that a pilot report any arrest that includes alcohol. If the arrest involves a minimum amount of alcohol, the AME must defer issuing a pilot's medical certificate until a substance abuse evaluation is completed.

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