What Are Some FAA Drone Rules?


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The Federal Aviation Administration requires hobbyists to fly their drones only within sight and an adequate distance away from full-sized aircraft and populated areas, according to the FAA. Owners must register their drones with the FAA if the drones are larger than 0.55 pounds or being used for commercial purposes. Drone users must always fly their crafts at or below 400 feet, notes CNN.

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Federal, state and local governments may have differing regulations for unmanned aircraft systems, and which government's requirement supersedes the others depends on the specific requirement, notes the Federal Aviation Administration. Local laws may be more strict than federal requirements, warns The New York Times. For example, as of 2015, Chicago prohibits drone users from flying their crafts above private property, schools and libraries unless they obtain permission. Miami does not allow drones within half a mile of a large, public event.

The Federal Aviation Administration can establish temporary flight restrictions to maintain the safety of the people, property and airspace at large gatherings such as air shows and sporting events, states the FAA. These restrictions are issued case by case. For example, one such flight restriction prohibits low flights near a stadium during a game. The restriction begins one hour before the game has started and ends one hour after the game is over.

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