How Do You Find If There Is an Existing Mortgage on a Property?

To find an existing mortgage on a property, hire a title company and search through online resources, such as, or check the official websites for the recorder or register offices in a particular county. County recorder offices may also have information on any mortgage liens attached to a property, notes

State county offices of the recorder or register of deed can have recorded documents such as mortgage papers, easements, deeds or other information that affects the title of a property. With the name of the property owner or the property's address, buyers and owners can find mortgage information by either visiting these county offices or their web pages. provides a free and searchable directory of public records that includes land records and deeds for different state counties. For counties that have these records online, it is possible to search by name or document type, states If no website is available for a particular county recorder office, then the information listed includes the contact number and address for the office.

Another way to find out about a property's mortgage information is to use the search tool at This website offers a free property analysis report, which can include current ownership, mortgages, liens, encumbrances and unreleased judgments associated with the current property owner.

If these free online search sites do not provide the information needed about an existing mortgage, then it may be necessary to hire a title company that can do a thorough search to reveal information on unpaid taxes, judgments or mortgages, notes