What Are Some Exercises Used in Fort Dix Basic Training?


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The United States Army stopped using Fort Dix for basic training in 1992. Before this, the Army had trained more than three million soldiers at the fort, starting in 1917.

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Recruits entering basic training perform a wide range of exercises, including calisthenics and exercises meant to improve their endurance. Push-ups and sit-ups are common exercises, and recruits have historically been evaluated by how many push-ups and sit-ups they can perform. Running plays a major role as well, as Army members must perform runs within a time limit during basic training and while serving.

Each unit of recruits performs exercises determined by its commander, so the exact exercises recruits perform vary based on which unit they're assigned to. The Army regularly changes the exercise guidelines for commanders, and changes in 2010 introduced a number of new exercises designed to help overweight recruits avoid injuries. Exercises similar to Pilates and yoga play a role in basic training, as do stretches and exercises designed to reduce injuries. These exercises emphasize building core strength, including abdominal and back muscles, which helps soldiers carry heavy items and avoid injuries while performing other activities. In spite of these changes, soldiers still have to complete the same physical fitness requirements that previous soldiers had to complete.

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