What Are Some Examples of Why Women Are Flogged?


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Sudan uses the method of public flogging as punishment for women who exhibit what the Sudanese consider "indecent behavior." In Saudi Arabia, public flogging is a commonly accepted punishment for women who exhibit similar "indecent behavior," which includes driving a car.

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Examples of what Sudan considers indecent include a woman riding in a car with a man other than her husband or immediate relative.

In Saudi Arabia, women are forbidden to drive. Driving is perceived as encouragement to leave the home more often than necessary. Women are also forbidden to be in the company of men unless married or directly related to them and are required to have a male guardian's permission to travel and conduct other activities. Additionally, many Saudi-Arabian women have received public lashings for protesting discrimination against women and supporting women's rights.

One Saudi-Arabian woman, known as "the girl from Qatif," was sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in jail for being alone with a man to whom she was not related. The sentence came as a result of her appeal of the relatively lenient punishment imposed on a gang of seven men who raped her 14 times. Her appeal was deemed an attempt to influence the judgement through the media.

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