What Are Some Examples of Successful Petitions?


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Successful petitions include the 1987 petition against the annexation of Hawaii and the 1891 women's suffrage petition, according to GoPetition. Successful online petitions include the petition for improvements to domestic violence policies and the petition for cuts to Australian Defence Force to be reversed, according to PeopleCount.org and Change.org.

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Other successful petitions include the 1963 Yirrkala bark petitions, the 1880 petition for the reprieve of Ned Kelly, the 1853 Bendigo Goldfields petition and the 1775 Olive Branch petition, according to GoPetition. Others include the great Chartist petitions of 1839 to 1848 and the 1674 women's petition against coffee.

Other successful online petitions include the prosecution of Trayvon Martin's killer and the firing of Natalia Kills and Willy Moon from "X Factor" after they bullied a contestant, according to Change.org.

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