What Are Some Examples of Skip-Tracing Techniques?


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Skip tracing techniques include online research using telephone directories, search engines, public record databases and social media to locate people for purposes such as criminal hearings and debt collection. Other skip tracing methods involve contacting family, neighbors and employers on the target person's records.

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Skip tracers can search for the "skip" by name, address or phone number using online phone directories and people locators such as AnyWho.com. Entering a skip's name, email address or other relevant information into a search engine may bring up newspaper articles mentioning the person, forum posts and organizations to which the skip belongs.

Public record databases such as the Social Security Death Index can tell whether a skip is still alive. Property owner databases can tell whether the skip owns property, its location or names of neighbors at a last-known location. On social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, skip tracers can search by name or email address, or they can use the skip's contacts to locate the skip within the contact's network.

Contacting people the skip knows includes calling or visiting to ask about the skip's whereabouts. This may be done honestly, or it may involve deceiving the contacts to obtain the information.

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