What Are Some Examples of the Questions on a Jury Duty Questionnaire?

Most jury questionnaires ask potential jurors about background characteristics, such as their age and race; their general experience, such as military service and hobbies; and any case-related experience, such as involvement in traffic accidents, says the National Legal Research Group. Questionnaires may also ask about knowledge of witnesses or attorneys.

Jury questionnaires often gather as much information as possible concerning potential jurors and are a tool lawyers use in selecting a jury for trial. These questions address a variety of aspects of the potential jurors' lives. Other questions that may appear on a jury questionnaire include how much the potential jurors are aware of the case and if they've heard about the case and what they may recall about it, as explained by the National Legal Research Group. The questionnaire may also ask the potential jurors their opinions on certain things, such as sting operations, use of force by police and other issues that may be pertinent to the outcome of the trial.

A potential juror completes the questionnaire upon arrival for jury selection before a trial. Sometimes the jurors receive the questionnaire along with their first summons for jury services. The judge and parties involved in the case receive copies of these completed questionnaires, as stated by the National Legal Research Group.