What Are Some Examples of Police Terminology?


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“Code-1,” “Code-2,” “Code-3” and “Code-4” are examples of common police terminology, according to About.com. Code-1 refers to a non-emergency call, Code-2 refers to an urgent situation, and Code-3 means the situation requires lights and siren. Code-4 means the situation is under control and requires no further assistance.

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Law enforcement officers use codes to communicate quickly. When police radio codes were devised in 1937, radios often failed to broadcast the first syllable of a transmission. Thus many police codes begin with a “10” or “11.” Examples are “10-4,” which means “understood,” and “”11-14,” which means “animal bite,” according to PoliceCodes.net.

Radio codes and police slang may differ from department to department, according to Police magazine.

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