What Are Examples of Mala Prohibita Crimes ?

Examples of mala prohibita crimes include drunk driving, public intoxication, drug abuse, gambling in countries where it?s prohibited and tax evasion. Other examples include speeding and parking in a handicapped zone. In the United States, concealed carry of weapons falls under mala prohibita crimes.

Mala prohibita is a Latin expression than translates to something that is wrong because it is prohibited. Mala prohibita crimes do not necessarily require intent; rather, just that the fact that person who committed the act is guilty of the crime. They are conducts that are unlawful only by statutory virtue. Mala prohibita crimes do not harm people or properties, unlike mala in se crimes, which means "bad in themselves."

A person parked in a handicapped space while he believes it is a regular parking slot has committed a mala prohibita crime. He may have missed the sign, but he is still given a parking ticket. Speeding is another act that falls under mala prohibita, such as if a person misses a speed limit sign on a highway and is pulled over by the highway patrol for speeding.

Carrying a concealed weapon and gambling in a gambling-prohibited state in the United States are considered mala prohibita crimes. Other offenses categorized as mala prohibita crimes include illegal hunting, illegal immigration, copyright infringement and operating a business without a license.