What Are Examples of Linkage Institutions?

Examples of linkage institutions would be political parties, elections, the media and interest groups. A linkage institution provides a way for people to get involved in government.

Without linkage institutions, people would be unable to connect with the government, and the government would feel unapproachable or untouchable. In a democracy, the government needs to foster meaningful connections between the government and the people.

The founders of the United States of America first thought long and hard about the need for this connection between the people and their government. Political parties offer people a chance to choose from different philosophies, such as the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. This also gives them a chance to identify who they are in terms of their government.

People are also able to connect with the government on election day. With elections, every vote counts and matters because the votes are what elect the people who will make important decisions within the government at the local, state and national levels. The media is another way that the government connects with its citizens, as the media relays all of the information about new candidates, elections and government issues throughout the day, ranging from healthcare to national security threats.