What Are Examples of Inferior Technology?

examples-inferior-technology Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

An example of inferior technology is any technology that has fewer features or capabilities than others still on the market. While it may be subjective and dependent on personal preference, one example of inferior technology is the Microsoft Xbox gaming platform. This is due to the fact that other platforms, such as Play Station 3, have higher-end features.

Microsoft was the subject of controversy when it released guidelines for games that could be played on its Xbox Live Arcade if the company had already released the game on PSN. Microsoft's guidelines for games released on the Xbox 360 required that they be launched simultaneously with other systems and have at least the same features and content. If those guidelines weren't met, Microsoft had the right to block the release of the game. Sony's then senior vice president of publisher relations criticized this movement, accusing Microsoft representatives of "protecting an inferior technology." The argument was based on the fact that the Xbox Live Arcade platform lacked many features that other platforms contained, and by limiting its release to the Xbox platform, consumers would have very limited choices, for example, regarding content containing Blu Ray technology or requiring more than 9 GB to operate.