What Are Some Examples of Famous Civil Lawsuits?


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Famous civil lawsuits include Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Company and Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants, reports the law firm of Robinson Calcagnie Robinson Shapiro Davis, Inc. The families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman also brought a famous civil suit against O. J. Simpson, notes The New York Times.

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The 1978 lawsuit against Ford Motors proved that the company had purposely avoided making inexpensive design changes to its Pintos, Robinson Calcagnie Robinson Shapiro Davis, Inc., reports. The modifications would have prevented tragic fires from rear-impact collisions. Ultimately, Ford was responsible for $6.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages. In the 1994 McDonald's case, a senior citizen suffered third-degree and deep-tissue burns after spilling a cup of the company's coffee. She won $480‚000.

In 1997, a civil jury contradicted the 1995 criminal court verdict that acquitted Simpson of the murders of Brown Simpson and Goldman, according to The New York Times. Damages totaled $33.5 million.

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