What Are Some Examples of Double Jeopardy?

examples-double-jeopardy Credit: ericsphotography/E+/Getty Images

An example of implementation of double jeopardy laws occurred in 2013 when Sharone Brown avoided murder charges after previously accepting a guilty plea for misdemeanor assault, reports The Dallas Morning News. Double jeopardy laws protect a defendant from being tried multiple times for the same alleged crime.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Sharone Brown, age 61, was accused of brutally assaulting his girlfriend, Sherry Whitacre, in April 2013. Prosecutors were unaware of Whitacre's death when they offered Brown a plea deal, and the incident was ruled a homicide a few days later.

In a 2011 example of double jeopardy laws, NBCNews.com reports that Isaac Turnbaugh was acquitted in 2004 for the shooting death of his coworker, Declan Lyons. When Turnbaugh voluntarily contacted Randolph police in July 2011 claiming that he had killed Lyons with a rifle, authorities were unable to retry him.